The ERCOT Frequently Asked Questions page provides a listing and search of answers to common questions relating to the ERCOT ISO’s management of electric power operations and facilitation of the wholesale and competitive retail markets.
Where answers to FAQs may relate to and reference Nodal Protocols, Other Binding Documents (OBDs), Market Guides and other Stakeholder approved documents, current market rules take precedence. For official protocol interpretation please use the PIR Submission Process.
For a general overview of ERCOT’s role and responsibility as an Independent System Operator (ISO) please refer to the About ERCOT page.
Please see the Reports and Presentations section on to access postings on a variety of topics: the ERCOT market, operations and system planning; governance and oversight; ISOs and RTOs; emergency response; and Texas energy issues.

If your question is not addressed here, you are welcome to submit your question using the Ask ERCOT page. Questions may also be directed to the addresses below that is most applicable to your registration status with ERCOT. This helps ERCOT staff in preparing responses.
If your organization is a registered Market Participant:
Send your question to your ERCOT Account Manager, or to
You are also welcome to call 512-248-3900.
If your organization is not yet registered:
Open the Information Request page on to submit a request, or email your inquiry to